Approximate former location of Halton & Jansen Co magic shop. Later it became Halton, Jansen, and LeRoy when Servais LeRoy joined in. Harry Jansen was better known as Dante. 

Historically the address was 148 LaSalle; the map location reflects the street renumbering of 1910.

Halton split from Roterberg around March 1909. A branch location was located at 2510 W Madison in Feb 1910. But by May 1911 the business was in receivership and Dante left for a European tour. 

John G. Hauff apparently acquired the assets as his catalog of 1913 is almost identical to Halton and Jansen Catalog #12.

See also: Halton, Jansen and LeRoy Co, and John G. Hauff

646 N LaSalle St Chicago

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